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Health Management

The CRTM Group believes that the development of the company is linked to the ability of all employees to carry out their duties with peace of mind in good physical and mental health to achieve maximum performance.In order to "continue to deliver the highest level of excitement to everyone involved through One-to-One Communication," the physical and mental health of our employees is a prerequisite.

January 1, 2018

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Daisuke Uehara, President

Health Management System

The CRTM Group has established the Health Management Committee as a function to oversee the promotion of health management.

The representative director is appointed as the chairperson, the general manager of the personnel strategy division is appointed as the secretary general, and the employees of each department are appointed as the committee members. In collaboration with the Japan Health Insurance Association and industrial physicians, we will promote various initiatives to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families.

Health Management System

The CRTM Group regularly conducts health awareness surveys on employees' lifestyles and health awareness, and analyzes them together with the results of health examinations.

Based on these results, the Health Management Committee plays a central role in circulating the PDCA cycle to realize the promotion of health management in line with the actual situation.

Health Management StrategyHealth Management Strategy

The CRTM Group believes that the recruitment and retention of human resources is the key to achieving sustainable growth.
We also believe that the retention of hired personnel can be achieved through the strategic implementation of health management.
The first priority is to increase the satisfaction of employees with the company, and the strategy of health management is to improve the degree of work engagement, social capital, and communication linked to company satisfaction.

>Health management strategy map (PDF file: 498KB)

Medical checkupMedical checkup

By digitizing the results of health examinations and unifying the criteria, the health condition of the entire company has been clarified.

Among them, the rate of patients with blood pressure and lipid findings is higher than the national average, so we are taking early steps to prevent the occurrence of lifestyle-related diseases.

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Non-standard value ratio 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Results Results Results Results Forecast
BMI25 or higher 22.3% 25.2% 25.7% 37.3% 24.5%
Metabolic Syndrome 16.3% 10.6% 6.5% 6.1% 6.0%
High blood pressure 33.5% 32.6% 32.5% 31.0% 30.0%
Dyslipidemia 48.2% 48.0% 46.2% 49.5% 45.5%
High blood sugar 12.8% 11.5% 11.7% 12.7% 11.5%

White project 2020White project 2020

The CRTM Group faces the following three health issues. The decision was made based on the results of an analysis of health awareness surveys that are conducted on a regular basis, taking into account the background of "Average age is quite low," "Majority are female," and "High amount of desk work."

We plan to implement a wide variety of initiatives so that all employees can actively participate.

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Issue content Forecast (2020) Main Initiatives
【Women's health maintenance and promotion】
The performance score of female employees in their 20s is significantly lower than the company-wide average. We also found that their health promotion awareness tended to be low. We aim to maintain and improve the health of female employees so that they can achieve long and active working lifestyle.
Improvement of the performance score by 3 points
  • Conducting seminars on women's health for female employees and male managers
  • Yoga for reducing stiffness and swelling which occurs from long hours in the office
【Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases】
From the results of the medical examination, it was found that the presence of blood pressure and lipids was high.
The aim of this project is to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases as well as to improve the lifestyle habits that lead to the high prevalence.
Improvement in prevalence rate
(Refer to the above health check data table for details)
Acquisition of Japan Health Master Expert qualification as a health promotion committee members
  • Distribution of materials and posters for shift workers
  • Display of beverage calories
  • Provision of sugar-free beverages
【Improvement of participation rate in health events】
Since many employees work at desks and chronic lack of exercise was observed throughout the company, web-based step counting events were conducted on a regular basis. As of February 2018, the participation rate was 31%. In order to improve the participation rate, we will first approach full-time employees.
Improvement of the participation rate in step counting events to more than 80 %
  • Conducting regular walking events
  • Conducting stretching events
  • Conducting stretching seminars

Past activitiesPast activities

In-house athletic meet

Once a year, we hold an athletic meet among all departments. It's a popular event with over 80% of our regular employees participating!

For the first time in a long time, it was fun to be able to talk with people who I don't usually have a chance to talk to, to cheer loudly and play ball games together.

Inter-company relay race


Our company also participates in inter-company relay races held in the region.

Since participating in the relay race, I have learned the joy of running and am currently practicing to participate in the marathon event.

Aoharu system (employee club activities)

We have company-wide club activities for baseball, soccer, golf, etc.

I now have the opportunity to exercise several times a month. It's nice to be able to have fun together. It's also very helpful that the cost of the activities are subsidized.

Health Walking Cup

Teams compete against each other for the average number of steps taken, and an amount of money based on the percentage of the total number of steps is donated to the Gold Ribbon. The event has been held eight times so far, and each time has been a great success among the departments.

It was also an opportunity for everyone to have a conversation, for example about my trip to Aichi prefecture this week. Moreover it is encouraging to participate in social activities because the money raised from our efforts is donated to charity.

Installation of blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors are available in the rest rooms for anyone to use.

It's possible to take measurements quite quickly during breaks so I have started to pay attention to my numbers.

Health management using smartphone apps

We have introduced an app that allows health management, confirmation of health checkup results and step count all at once.

I find it convenient and useful to keep track of my steps and get the health information delivered to me.


Stretching is practiced to eliminate the lack of exercise due to desk work.

It is a refreshing change from sitting in a chair all the time.

Free coffee

Free coffee is provided in the employee break room.

A cup of black coffee a day has become a habit. Of course I am happy to be offered coffee, but It also creates an opportunity to communicate with others, which is great.

2020 Health Seminar (1)
[The Art of Counseling]

Listening training "The Art of Counseling" was held three times for a total of 20 participants each time for the purpose of revitalizing communication and mental control.

I was able to learn how to deal with stress, learn to act on my own and of my tendecy to give advice through a fun card game.

2020 Health Seminar (2)
[Core Beauty Seminar]

A total of two seminars were held with 25 participants each, focusing on the theory of body beauty (lecture), stretching to create a flexible body (practical training), and muscle training to improve body lines (practical training) for female employees.

I enjoyed the seminar and being able to exercise with everyone. Afterwards, I immediately shared with my team members the information on stretching that they can do in between work.

2020 Health Seminar (3)
[Golf Fitness Seminar]

A total of two stretching seminars were held by trainers with experience and know-how in training top athletes and professional sports players, with 30 participants each time, mainly male employees.

After listening to an explanation about the body's structure, I was able to better understand the key points for stretching. I have no experience in golf, but my flexibility increased dramatically in a short time, and I would definitely like to take this opportunity to start playing golf.

2020 Health Seminar (4)
[Healthcare School for Adult Women]

A total of two sessions with 30 participants each were conducted for female employees and male managers. The purpose of this program is to help managers understand more about their subordinates and take countermeasures by knowing the unique physical characteristics of women.

I learned a lot because I didn't understand much about female hormones before. I checked my lifestyle via the report card and learned what needs improvement.



■Winners of the White 500 for two consecutive years

In March 2020, we were selected as a "Healthy Management Excellence Corporation 2020 (White 500)" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

■Received the 4th Osaka Prefecture Health Promotion Award, Osaka Prefecture Governor's Award (Highest Award)

In February 2019, we received the Osaka Prefecture Governor's Award (the highest award) at the "Osaka Prefecture Health Promotion Award" co-sponsored by Osaka Prefecture, the Japan Health Insurance Association Osaka Branch, and the Health Osaka 21 Promotion Prefectural Council.

■Selected as the Sports Yell Company

In December 2019, we were selected as a "Sports Yell Company" by Japan Sports Agency for the second consecutive year.

Results of Health awareness surveysInvestigation result

Results of Health awareness surveys
Results of Health awareness surveys

The implementation of the "White Project 2020" measures resulted in the following effects

  • 1, The highest ever business performance score of 72.5 points!
  • 2, The percentage of active, maintenance, and established periods of healthy behavior increased to 57.3% from 6 months ago.
  • 3, 3、Employees with high social capital scores increased by 63.1% from 6 months ago.
  • 4, Compared to six months ago, work engagement, which indicates enthusiasm and activity at work,
    improved by 8.7% ~ 10.8% for male employees in their 30s and female employees in their 40s
  • 5, No leave of absence due to mental health problems continued from the previous year.