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Announcement in regards to our "Declaration to collect "Thank You's"

Becoming the most "Thanked" company in the world.

We would like to announce that in order to further promote customer-oriented business operations, we have created a "Declaration to collect "Thank You's"" which expresses our management philosophy.

We understand the joy of appreciating and being appreciated.

In order to ensure that each and every one of our employees acts in a customer-oriented manner, we shared our management philosophy, solicitation policy, and VISION within the company, and established a system to properly grasp and manage transactions with customers.

We offer customer-oriented insurance products strictly via appropriate solicitation methods.

  • We give due consideration to the time of sales calls so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of our clients' lifestyles.
  • We always treat our customers respectfully and will never act in an intimidating or abusive manner that may cause significant embarrassment.
  • When selling life insurance, non-life insurance, and other financial products, we clearly distinguish between the products and the underwriting insurance companies so as not to mislead customers.
  • In cases of sales without direct face-to-face contact with customers (e.g., mail-order sales), we will make every effort to ensure that customers understand our explanations.
  • Recordings of voice call logs in mail-order sales are analyzed by a specialized monitoring department of an independent organization and afterwards we implement improvements and corrections.

Suggesting appropriate products

  • We propose the most appropriate products based on the customer's purpose of enrollment, income, assets, and family structure.
  • We ensure that our operations are managed in accordance with the standards set by CRTM, and give consideration to fairness among contractors.
  • With regard to the contents of the contract and important matters related to it, we endeavor to ensure that the customer fully understands them through the delivery of documents such as "Terms and Conditions of the Contract" and "Explanation of Important Matters" and other information. In addition, we use appropriate recruitment materials such as brochures in accordance with CRTM's regulations.

On-going support during the post-contract period

After the contract has been concluded, we periodically call or visit the customer to provide maintenance services such as contract inquiries, benefit claims, registration changes, and payment consultations.

Complaint handling

We take complaints, consultations, and inquiries from customers seriously and respond to them promptly, sincerely, and fairly. At the same time, we constantly strive to improve and upgrade our business operations by conducting investigations and analyses by an independent monitoring department.

Education, training, and evaluation systems

  • We regularly conduct training and study sessions on product details, matters that should be explained to customers, matters that should be taken into consideration when explaining, and explanation methods, etc., and strive to strengthen the system that enables each employee to provide sufficient explanations to customers.
  • When selling risk products such as foreign currency denominated insurance and variable annuities, we strive to propose products that meet the needs of our customers, paying due attention to their purpose of purchase, investment experience, age, knowledge, assets, and income status.
  • In the employee evaluation system, fixed salary and sales compensation are clearly separated, and in the personnel system, compliance items such as recruitment quality are incorporated into the assessment for promotions and salary increases.