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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CRTM announced the following contents in accordance with JISQ15001: 2017 requirements and

Purpose of use of personal information

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Types of Personal Information Purpose of use Disclosure Category
Information on people who have requested materials or made inquiries To respond to inquiries and provide information on services Disclosed
Information on business partners Contacting business partners, contract execution, invoice execution , etc Disclosed
Information on recruitment candidates Recruitment selection and communication Disclosed
Employee information Employment management, including human resources and general affairs Disclosed
Data entrusted by business partners Conducting telemarketing operations Not disclosed

Procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.
For the request of notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure and suspension of provision to third parties regarding the retained personal data held by CRTM from the person himself / herself or his / her agent (hereinafter referred to as , "Request for disclosure, etc."), the procedure is as follows.

1. Where to make a request for disclosure, etc.
Requests for disclosure, etc. should be made by mail with the necessary documents attached to the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form. When sending the request form to us by mail, please use a method that allows us to confirm the delivery record, such as recorded delivery mail or simplified registered mail. In addition, please write "Personal Information Disclosure Request"in red on the envelope.

2. Documents to be submitted in requests for disclosure, etc.
To make a request for disclosure, etc., please fill in all the prescribed items on the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form and mail it to us.

3. Identity verification
We will verify the identity of the person requesting disclosure, etc. by telephone. However, if verification by telephone is not possible, we may ask you to present a copy of your driver's license, certificate of residence, health insurance card, etc.

4. Request for Disclosure, etc. by Proxy
When delegating a request for disclosure, etc. to an agent, please enclose the following documents in addition to the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form.
(1) Documents to confirm the identity of the agent (copy)
One of the following: driver's license, copy of resident's card, or health insurance card.
Please prepare a copy with the registered domicile filled in.
(2) Power of attorney (Please seal the power of attorney by yourself and attach a certificate of seal registration for that seal. If the proxy is a legal representative such as a person with parental authority, it is possible to submit a document showing the relationship with the principal instead of a letter of attorney).

5. Fees for requests for disclosure and notification of purpose of use
A fee of 500 yen (including tax) will be charged for each request for disclosure of personal information or notification of the purpose of use.
Please enclose a postal fixed-amount money order for 500 yen with the submitted documents.
The customer is responsible for the cost of purchasing the fixed postal money order and the postage to the company.
Please note that if the fee is insufficient or not enclosed, we will not be able to disclose or notify the purpose of use.

6. Method of response to requests for disclosure, etc.
We will respond in writing to the requestor at the address indicated on the request form.

7. Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact for Complaint Resolution
Japan Users Association of Information Systems
Secretariat of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization
Unizo Horidome-cho 2-chome Building, 2-4-3 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012, Japan

※If you determine that the management of the personal information is not appropriate, we would like you to file a complaint with us first, and if you are not satisfied with our response, you can make a complaint to the above "Authorized personal information protection organization".

If you have any questions, complaints, or consultations, please contact us via the following information.

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