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What is Outbound Telemarketing?

We can reach out to a large number of customers in a short period of time with information on new products and campaigns, promotion of applications, identification, DM information, marketing research, etc.
We can also respond to various needs such as new BtoB sales and retention of estranged customers.

At CRTM's support center, we achieve our goals by providing high-quality guidance after fully understanding customers' sales strategies and objectives.

We design and propose highly appealing talk scripts to maximize "revenue".

Features of CRTM's outbound services

Building a customer DB

In addition to segmenting the reasons for rejections, we also extract more customer information to create a database.
We can even analyze changes in tone of voice. Our outbound service has a significant feature. Not only do we know the reasons of a rejected call, but we also listen to each and every conversation with the consumer and collect information such as family structure, friendships, and tone of voice to create a useful database with our unique know-how.

List completion rate

Operators with advanced communication skills can extract more customer information and maximize the list without making various customers uncomfortable.
In addition to thorough listening skills, a high list completion rate is another of our key features. While most call centers have a list completion rate of less than 50%, we work on a full settlement basis, raising the list completion rate to 80% without limiting calls.

Short-Term Calls

We also support short term contracts and short time usages. For example, we can handle tens of thousands of calls in an hour, or a large number of calls in a limited amount of time.

Quality Management

CRTM has a large-scale quality control department, like no other company, to ensure high quality service.
Although outbound services are prone to problems, we have established a large-scale quality control department, unique to our company and have achieved a very high contract retention rate by providing high-quality services in various ways, including direct confirmation of contract status and contents to customers and negative checks through monitoring.

4 Outbound Service Promises

Whenever we take on an outbound assignment for a client, we promise the following four things.
  • Maintain high response quality without generating complaints.
  • In addition to acquisition, we also provide CRM through phone calls.
  • We maximize the contact rate by using our experience in allocating call time.
  • We achieve numbers, which make people instantly realise that this company has used our Outbound service.

Examples of outbound service implementation

Sales calls

We find potential customers, convert trial customers into new buyers, and cross-sell and up-sell.

Thank you calls

We will make calls for the purpose of increasing customer loyalty and continuing communication, such as thank you for visiting and purchasing.

DM pre-calls

We make calls to customers who are eligible to receive direct mail in order to get permission to send it and to encourage to open it, to improve the open rate and recognition rate of direct mail.

DM follow-up calls

We make follow-up calls to customers to confirm the arrival of direct mail, promote the opening of mail, etc., in order to find potential customers and sell products.

Contract retention calls

Encourage renewal by providing advance notice of contract expiration.

Cancellation prevention calls

We work to reduce the churn rate.

Non-payment reminder calls

We will inform customers of your outstanding payments, resend payment forms, and obtain payment promises.