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What are the Field Sales?

Field sales are sales activities that involve direct face-to-face communication with customers. At times called outside sales because it involves going out into the field.

Sometimes it is difficult to convey the merits of a service/product by phone, DM, or email and there is a need to carry out sales activities by actually meeting with the customer.
CRTM actually accompanies clients on their sales visits to better understand the customer's needs, build a relationship with them and propose solutions.

CRTM Field Sales Features

Corporate and individual support

Our field sales operations are not only meant for corporate clients, but also for individuals, and currently we have more than 300 clients and make more than 10,000 appointments per month.

Goal Setting

Obtaining of appointments with a goal to close a deal.
The reason why the number of companies we do business with continues to increase is because our goal is not just to get appointments, but to improve our clients' sales by obtaining appointments with the expectation of closing deals and getting the actual orders.

Closing rate

The percentage of orders received after obtaining appointments exceeds 25%, which is more than double that of other companies. This is because we ensure quality control by securing time for negotiations, confirming key personnel, and implement confirmation re-callings.