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What is Onsite Service?

Onsite Service is where we visit your company in order to improve the performance of your call center.

CRTM can offer various degrees of services, like launching a new call center or improve an existing one, depending on your situation.
In order to run a call center smoothly, it is necessary to review various factors such as management, talk scripts, customer management, and motivation management.

We will take into account your current issues and help to build a better call center.

CRTM Onsite Service Features

Can support from 1 to 1 Million people

Onsite service that flexibly responds to a variety of needs, with a minimum of one person needed for our support to become available.
In the case of team on-site, by organizing one team with about 1SV + 10 to 20 people under MGR and supervision we have created a team system that allows us to pay close attention to the details of the operators and quickly share know-how.

Nationwide and Short-term features available

One of the features of our service is that we can provide onsite services to all over Japan and for short periods of time.
In addition, our onsite service has been highly evaluated for improving the performance of our clients' call centers, and we have achieved 200 onsites at 15 locations in the first three years of operation.
Our service has been highly evaluated as a catalyst to transform the culture and performance of our clients' call centers in a short period of time.