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Introducing the “Next Generation Visual Customer Assistance Solution” utilizing AR and AI

Customer Relationship Telemarketing has entered into a business alliance agreement with Terilogy Co., Ltd. to provide efficient customer support without lowering customer satisfaction.

Recently, with the development of IoT technology, smart devices have been spreading rapidly around the world, creating new business opportunities for companies. On the other hand, contact center departments, which receive inquiries from customers on a daily basis, are under pressure to respond to a huge number of inquiries about a variety of products.

Particularly in Japan, it is not easy to secure agents for contact centers due to the decrease in the working population, and maintaining efficient customer support without lowering customer satisfaction has become a major issue. In order to solve these issues, Customer Relationship Telemarketing has decided to introduce “TechSee Live Contact Center” provided by TechSee, a company that is developing the next generation of visual customer assistance solutions using AR and AI.

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