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Awards and Recognition

Participated in the 1st National High School SDGs Championship 2020

Our group company, Direct Marketing Mix, participated in the 1st National High School SDGs Championship 2020.

The 1st National High School SDGs Championship 2020″ is open to high school students from Super Global High Schools designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), students who are studying SDGs as a theme in their school classes, or students who belong to the SDGs club. Since the end of last year, the students have been interacting with the participating companies through online interviews and exchanges of opinions, and after gaining an understanding of their business activities, they will present their own ideas for implementing the SDGs on the day of the competition.
As a result of the judging, one MVP high school will be selected for each of the two days. After the competition, the high school students will be able to work together to develop their proposals into actual projects.

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