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Awards and Recognition

Participated in the “Sport in Life Project” promoted by the Japan Sports Agency

We are now a member of the Sport in Life Consortium, which was established by the Japan Sports Agency to improve the sports patricipation rate.

The Japan Sports Agency is working on the “Sport in Life Project” with the aim of creating a society where as many people as possible can enjoy sports and it becomes a part of their lifestyle. In order to realize the project, the Japan Sports Agency has established the “Sport in Life Consortium” so that the national government, local governments, sports organizations, and companies can work together.

CRTM has endorsed the aims of the “Sport in Life Project” and has become a member of the “Sport in Life Consortium,” based on the various sports-related initiatives it has implemented both internally and externally.

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CRTM will continue to support employees in managing their physical and mental health and create an environment where everyone can thrive.